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A sale occurs when your customer decides to buy your product and produces payment for the same. This is the most common event a customer completes at a web site. However, it is not the only event. Other events called Actions are not directly profitable to your web site but are meaningful to your business and customers. Actions are events such as newsletter subscriptions and refer a friend.

Hypertracker will count these Actions as well as Sales. A small paragraph of code from Hypertracker can be inserted into the copy on your event confirmation page. Therefore, you are able to use your own confirmation page. The Code places a transparent image on the page that will notify Hypertracker of an action or sale.

What about Duplicate Protection? Hypertracker now has the capability to block multiple sales and actions from the same person. For instance, if an individual has viewed a page then decides to refresh the page it could be counted as two clicks. The Duplicate Protection is automatically enabled when you purchase your account. However, you can disable this feature using the Your Account / Edit page.

Duplicate Protection is also available if you are using a shopping cart mechanism based on Perl, PHP or any other server-side technology.

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Mr. Gold wants to track his sales. While in his Hypertracker account he clicks on Integration. The appropriate HTML code is generated for him. He copies the code and inserts it into his order confirmation page that appears after an order is placed on his web site.


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