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No more throwing money away on ineffective marketing strategies. Hypertracker allows you to analyze marketing strategies and shift through ads in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you can concentrate on your money-making campaigns and discard the nonproductive campaigns.

Hypertracker is a feature-packed system that tracks statistics from the Ad through the sale. It can be implemented into any Internet marketing campaign in less than two minutes.

Let's get started. Begin using Hypertracker by creating a new campaign. Choose your campaign identifier then enter a campaign name, cost and target URL. If you like you can also enter a campaign description, contact information and more.

Hypertracker now lets you define a campaign as pay-per-click. That means the campaign cost will be computed dynamically, depending upon the number of clicks made by your customers and the cost of one click.

You can now add up to 128 target URLs that can be rotated through Hypertracker. This allows you to track the profitability of numerous pages.

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Mr. Gold sells computer components online. He just bought a banner ad at Cnet for $200 and has placed a banner on a friend's web site called Zipit in exchange for a banner to be placed on his site. He has a third campaign at GoTo that is pay-per-click. Mr. Gold signs in to his Hypertracker account and sets up each campaign using the Create a New Campaign button in the Campaign menu.

CnetBanner: He assigns his first banner campaign an ID called CnetBanner. His campaign name is Banner at Cnet. He enters a description stating that this banner is placed on the left menu at Cnet. His campaign cost is $200. He only wants to count one click per person per day. Therefore, he chooses once per day in the Count Clicks box. He then enters his target URLs (two different sales letters) separated by pressing Enter: http://zipstorage.com/index.html and http://zipstorage.com/welcome.html. Now he clicks on the Create a New Campaign to create . . .

ZipitBanner: Mr. Gold creates ZipitBanner in the same fashion. However, this time his campaign cost is $0.00. He decides to keep all other aspects of the campaign the same as CnetBanner. After all the information is entered, he clicks on the Create a New Campaign to create . . .

GoToPPC: He calls his pay-per-click campaign GoToPPC and describes it. His campaign cost is $.10 per click. Therefore, he enters 0.10 in the Campaign Cost and checks the PPC box next to it. Mr. Gold chooses to have clicks on counted Always because he is paying for each click. His target URLs are http://zipstorage.com/index.html and http://zipstorage.com/index.html.


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