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Selective Comparison HyperTracker BrandX 1 BrandX 2
1. Tracking of unlimited campaigns
2. Unlimited clicks at no additional charge
3. Client's own website address in ads
4. Effortless integration with client's website
5. Pay-per-click campaigns
6. Secure SSL tracking
7. Tracks ads' real return on investment (ROI)
8. Allows to test alternative sales letters
9. Duplicate Protection
10. Product analysis
11. Tracking subcampaigns
12. Catch all (default campaign)
13. Dynamic Target URL
14. Removing selected events
15. FREE test drive account
16. Price From $14.95/mo $19.95/mo $17.00/mo

NOTE: Paid services compared.

Out of respect for my competitor, I'm not going to name them. I don't believe in bashing anyone. They have a nice product. I just want to demonstrate to you what a remarkable product HyperTracker is!
  1. Both HyperTracker and Brand X allow their customers to track unlimited advertising campaigns.
  2. HyperTracker allows unlimited visitors per campaign, whereas Brand X charges additional fees for visitors over a specified number. Beware; you could be charged hundreds of dollars if your campaigns are successful!
  3. HyperTracker lets you use your own domain name in your campaign. You do not have to redirect potential customers to http://www.hypertracker.com/something. Brand X, however, doesn't let you use your own domain. All their URLs will contain Brand X domain name instead of your domain name.
  4. Both services allow tracking of sales and actions (such as newsletter signups, ebook downloads, etc.). However, Brand X requires a significant time investment to integrate your forms with their website using their form integrator. HyperTracker's configuration is as simple as it gets ~ simply paste one line of HTML code!
  5. HyperTracker lets you specify the cost of each campaign. It later uses this cost to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for that particular campaign as well as many other statistics. Brand X doesn't do that.
  6. HyperTracker can be set up so that each campaign "rotates" different web pages. This lets you test the effectiveness of your diverse sales letters. In the advertising world this is known as 'split-run testing'.
  7. HyperTracker's Duplicate Protection allows for a more accurate Return On Investment (ROI) figures. The figures presented by Brand X contain duplicate counts, thereby, giving you inaccurate numbers to base you decisions upon.
  8. You can track up to 128 different URLs using Hypertracker. This allows you to compare several sales letters. You can keep those that work and discard those that don't. Brand X doesn't have this feature.
  9. HyperTracker's Duplicate Protection gives you the most accurate number count. Brand X doesn't protect you against counting a visitor more than once in a specified period of time.
  10. With HyperTracker you can analyze your campaign by product. Not only can you see how your campaign is fairing as a whole but also how a specific product is performing including newsletters and ebook downloads. You can't do that with Brand X.
  11. Hypertracker allows you to track subcampaigns. You can see how well a banner, link or button is adding to your sales. It is easy to see which subcampaign is not performing well and change it or eliminate it from your marketing strategy. Brand X doesn't have the ability to track subcampaigns.
  12. What about the visitors that do not use the banner, button, link or your redirect URL in general? HyperTracker will catch all the visitors using the default campaign. You will no longer lose those numbers. This leads to more accurate tracking numbers. Brand X is unable to capture those hits.
  13. HyperTracker offers you the Dynamic Target URL feature. As an advanced user you can quickly redirect your target URL using the Quick Target and Query String features. These are features Brand X can't offer you.
  14. Are you making tests with your tracker and want to remove your own "fake" orders without resetting the whole database? With HyperTracker you can delete selected events (sales/actions/clicks) manually or exclude your IP address from counting!
  15. Free Test Drive. Take HyperTracker for a spin on us. You will quickly see how fast, easy and accurate HyperTracker is.
  16. Bottom line - HyperTracker with all its features is less expensive than Brand X.

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