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Success Stories

"Great tool. I tried most of the tracking tools on the market, and no one compares in tracking features."
-- Edwin Montgomery

"HyperTracker has helped me evaluate the effectiveness of my Internet marketing efforts. I can know immediately if I'm receiving hits to my site and the results of those hits. I wouldn't market without it."
-- Don Morris,

"All I can say is WOW! ... what a super product you have, here. With Hypertracker I was up and running in less than 5 minutes! I checked out all the tracking services available out there, and yours beats them all, hands down!

Hypertracker has it all at about half the cost of other services (like AdMinder). I know exactly where my sales are coming from because every click is tracked. This saves me an incredible amount of money on advertising, as I only continue to use what works.

The support folks are professional and quick to respond to my questions, too. Continue the great work Simon!"
-- Rich Creal,

"I think this is a great way to see exactly how your promotions are doing and which ones are getting a better response."
-- Timothy Pacello,

"I don't normally write to people about products that I've bought from them, but I couldn't resist praising Hypertracker. I've written several custom scripts for my various websites and was planning on writing a tracking program, but when I found Hypertracker, I knew it would be futile to try and make a better tracking program.

Hypertracker has EVERY feature I wanted and then some! It's surprisingly easy to use too! I almost feel guilty only paying $17 per month for your terrific service. I always 'do my homework' before making business investments, but I could not find any other tracking software that even compares to Hypertracker. Thanks a lot!"
-- Chris Gagliano,

"Hypertracker has been a true worth its weight in gold analysis tool. It has proven to be a valuable asset to my company, and my customers love the fact that they receive a report from me that they can actually understand. The daily email report saves me the time to log in and my results every day, when I don't need to do a full analysis. Of course I have been able to save my money and my time by not advertising or promoting in Ezines, submissions services that I now know for sure to do not provide results."
-- Michael Nigro,

"Well, there's tracking and there's tracking 'ain't' there. You guys at Hypertracker win the Gold Logi (Aussie best-of-the-best award) for the premier web-based tracking system on the net. It's fast, sophisticated and excellent value for money. Personally, I wouldn't leave home without it. Well done!"
-- Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst,
Feed Your Hungry Mind

" Hypertracker gives us every tool we need to track our ad responses. We can (and do) split test, track sales, track visitors... it's a virtual cornucopia of tracking!

We've been marketing online since 1998 and can honestly say that, without tracking, it is simply impossible to succeed on the scale that we all desire. We simply won't market without tracking.

I think we've tried every tracker out there. We've tried web-based trackers, software you buy, CGI scripts and more. The bottom line is this. Hypertracker is the best!

By the way, they didn't ask for this testimonial. We offered it because Hypertracker is simply that good!"

-- Ruth Townsend and Charlie Page,

Make more. Spend less. With this proven, automated, easy-to-use tracking management tool that gives you a kind of 'psychic' ability with every marketing step you take, I guarantee that you will learn how to...

"Detonate Your Web Site And Chop As Much As 90% Off Your Marketing Expenses When You Can Accurately Pinpoint Your Most Productive Ads, Visitors Or Products -- Quickly And Automatically, 24 Hours A Day!"

The all-NEW hyperTracker Professional 2.0 is a sophisticated tracking management system that helps you to convert more clicks into customers and save wads of cash wasted in unproductive marketing.

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2008.

From Simon Grabowski
CEO of GetResponse.com

Re: How to squeeze 450% more cash out of everything you do online!

Dear friend,

  • search engines
  • email newsletters
  • opt-in email ads
  • pay-per-click ads
  • email marketing
  • free classifieds
  • paid classifieds
  • bulletin boards
  • email signature files
  • message boards
  • article submissions
  • reseller programs
  • internal links
  • autoresponders
  • newsgroup postings
  • pop-up advertising
  • network marketing
  • joint ventures
  • reciprocal links
  • article submissions
  • ebook marketing
  • banner ads
  • affiliate programs
  • press releases
  • giveaway contests
  • shareware downloads
  • "viral" marketing
  • long copy sales letters
  • offline marketing
  • ... And much more!
  • Is the money you spend on Internet advertising actually worth it?
  • Which ads are profitable and which ones should you keep buying?
  • Which audiences are qualified for and interested in what you offer?
  • Which campaigns are losing money and should be dumped ASAP?
  • What is the current return on investment of your campaigns?
  • If you are making money, are you actually making good money?
  • Should you divert your marketing budget into more productive ads?
  • How much traffic are your ads bringing and how many sales?
  • Which ad is creating the most subscribers, downloads, referrals, etc?
  • How can you measure and analyze what your ads are producing?

hyperTracker 2.0 provides you with a variety of statistics for analyzing the success of each campaign. It's fully automated, works around the clock and offers all the vital statistics you need to make important decisions

On one easy-to-read screen, you can see which campaigns are successful and which ones are struggling -- all at a single glance. GREEN indicates a campaign that is going well, while RED indicates one that is doing poorly.

Here's just an overview of what hyperTracker 2.0 will do for you:
Count the number of unique visitors generated by each ad campaign.
Track how many sales, clicks or actions were generated by each one.
Instantly compare the success rate of all of your past or ongoing ads.
Show you which ads generate the most visitors, actions, sales, etc.
Calculate ratios for each ad such as cost-per-click and clicks-to-sales.
Offer a quick look at all of your previous, ongoing and new ads.
Organize, sort and display all the important details about your ads.
NEW with 2.0! Set email alerts (such as ads that are not working or are about to expire) and have activity reports emailed to you regularly.
NEW with 2.0! Analyze your campaign by products or target URLs -- easily discover which product is selling or which sales letter is pulling.
NEW with 2.0! See an at-a-glance, graphical interpretation of your analysis -- just take a quick look and see what is on the first place.
NEW with 2.0! Track and view your campaigns with greater security -- get peace of mind with dupe protection and a secure connection.

And all of this is supplied at-a-glance. You can compare number of clicks, sales and actions as well as Return-on-Investment (ROI), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), Click-To-Sales (C2S) and soooo much more.

And best of all, hyperTracker Professional 2.0 can be easily integrated with your own web site! Unlike other "leading" trackers that force you to use long, abstract and unprofessional-looking URLs, such as...

  • http://www.sometracker.com/folder/tx.cgi/122345
  • http://www.tracking.com/d/go/folder/campaign/page.htm
  • http://www.anothertracker.com/track/g/pl.cgi?79364

... You can simply use yoursite.com with whatever file, web page or directory you want! In fact, there are NO set-up fees, NO programming or server requirements, NO software to download and install, and NO risks!

You have complete control!

"My sales were going great, but the problem was I didn't know where they were coming from. With your powerful service, I was able to see exactly where I needed to continue advertising and saved over $800 a month by dumping the useless ads." -- Tony Garon

  • Timex had been a total failure until their cheap watches were put on sale in, of all places, pharmacies. Their success is based on the fact that they tested new places to promote and sell their products!

  • In the 1920s, Leo Gerstenzang saw his wife clean out their baby's ears with cotton balls stuck with toothpicks. He then got the idea to design cotton swabs, which he originally called "Baby Gays" in 1926.

    But it wasn't until he discovered that people were using his swabs for different uses other than cleaning baby ears that he decided to change the name to "Q-Tips." After that, sales skyrocketed!

  • Kleenex was originally advertised as a makeup removal tissue. But when it was learned that people were using it to blow their noses, they changed their advertising and sales exploded almost instantly.

  • Struggling for survival, 7UP was originally a means of settling infants' upset stomachs and, later, as an adult hangover remedy. But when the makers turned it into a soft drink, it rocked the world!

YES! Give me instant access!

I understand that, because of the digital nature of hyperTracker, I will literally have access to this advanced, powerful tool within seconds.

I understand that I can save even more money by choosing from several prepaid options... Up to a whopping 33% off! Choices are:

  • $19.95 per month (monthly rebilling)

  • $17.95 per month for a half-year prepaid (11% discount)

  • $14.95 per month for one year prepaid (33% discount)

Finally, I understand that there is NO fine print, NO time-restricted access and NO minimum term contracts. It's impossible for me to lose!

Sign up and start "hyperTracking" in minutes! Click the link below and see for yourself how it can help your business. It is risk-free.

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